Is an outgrowth of a lifetime of sewing and quiltmaking that feeds my creative yearning, and pleasure and enjoyment of color, shape and texture. I am inspired by nature and the work of other artists from a variety of mediums.

I am also a musician, and feel very blessed to have 2 creative passions that are very satisfying to me. “I started out with traditional patterns and moved to developing my own. Kind of like jazz, with a lot of improvisation.”

The purse like pouches that I make are “mini” quilts which I started to make to attract the attention of buyers at Craft Fairs where I showed my quilts. The rag rugs are mostly made from cut strips of cotton sheets and some other fabrics, mostly cotton. They are crocheted with a large hook and take 2 or 3 movies (I mean hours) to make. Making them is a great way to keep “busy” while enjoying some down time. I love to put together a functional piece that satisfies my creativity, so each one is unique and very rarely do I re-create one.

I love doing custom work and am available to consult with you. Currently I consider  myself a “constructionist” because of the challenge to create a cohesive unit of beauty from an array of fabric. Memorial quilts have become my focus and I am particularly interested in T-shirt quilts. A quilt can cover a bed or hang on a wall. It can be king size or fit in a picture frame. It can even become an article of clothing!

Some of the Fine Art & Craft Fairs that I have participated in.
  • Healdsburg Fine Arts & Crafts Fair
  • Gravenstein Country Fair
  • Mendocino Fine Arts & Crafts Fair
  • St. Helena Pet Parade and Fair
  • Santa Rosa Thursday Night Market
  • Healdsburg Farmer’s Market
  • Bodega Xmas Crafts Fair
  • Joy Road Open Studios Xmas Arts & Crafts Fair

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